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Whiski Designs -- a ray of sunshine that brightens up our whole fall line-up.

Our upcoming fall show will be the second show for Whiski Designs. When trying to find a good way to describe owner and designer, India Hearne, nothing fits better than "ray of sunshine." She may be one of the most creative, talented women we know, but her cheerful, positive vibes that exude off her are what we will always love and know her for.

India (and her precious mom & dad) set up outside on Howell Street at our Fall 2017 show in the freezing weather. Seriously, the temperature was in the 30s all day -- it was beyond chilly! The Hearne family wore smiles on their faces and sported the best, most positive attitudes that rubbed off on every shopper and vendor that came in contact with them. You never know what to expect at an outdoor show, but Whiski Designs was not going to let a little inclement weather get them down.

This pleasant memory was my first impression of India, but then I began to run into her at various shows after Boho Saint Jo and she was STILL sporting that big smile. I was even fortunate enough to receive a Christmas card from her! Ok. Sorry. . . The point of all of this is to say -- the heart inside her tiny little chest is mighty. Every single piece of art that is created for Whiski Designs is made with that same sweet spirit, love & care.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ok, fine. A little background about Whiski Designs.

India started Whiski Designs in 2014 when she was a senior in high school, and continued to grow her business while she was in art school in New Mexico. She now runs her business full time and his her very own girl boss. All graphics are hand-lettered and drawn by India and each design reflects the spirit of the desert served up with a little sass and attitude that are sure to put a smile on your face! While Whiski Designs is known for its quirky greeting cards and t shirts, you can also shop their line of kitchen towels, baby onesies, stickers, beer koozies, and more.

Something India does not talk about very much (and she should!!) is that she is a very talented muralist. Our favorite is one of her most popular and most instagrammed murals in Deep Ellum--the pink profile of a girl that says "don't be like the rest of them, darling". You can find this baby located on the Brake & Clutch Warehouse at 3601 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226.

India will do custom work for you as well. She has done everything from personalized stationery, logo design, Christmas cards, custom Christmas packaging, various wedding and bridesmaid work, and much more! Definitely contact her for your special project--we have!

You can find Whiski Designs set up every weekend at The Dallas Farmers Market,

as well as in local gift shops across the country. Seriously, this girl is all over! You can find her in Favor The Kind, FleaStyle, Harkensback in Bishop Arts (another one of our vendors!), Patina Green Home & Market in McKinney, A Town Boutique in Austin, TX, and so many more amazing shops.

It is obvious we are very proud of India and all of her hard work, so we cannot help but toot her horn. You guys have to come check her out Saturday, Oct. 27 in her same spot on Howell Street. We hear she is bringing her oldies, but goodies, AND lots of new beauties! Come see for yourself.

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