• Ashlyn Shadden

Totally Addicted--the most fitting name for this bath & body vendor.

Totally Addicted is another one of our ride or die vendors. They have been with us since our very first show and their soaps and bath bombs are hands down a crowd favorite. This group of ladies are the sweetest souls out there and they will make you feel like part of the family while you are at their booth soaking in the relaxing aromas. If you haven't had the joy of meeting (or smelling) Totally Addicted yet, you MUST join us at our fall show.

Here's a little background on our favorite soaper in Grayson County.

Totally Addicted began 7 years ago as a one woman show. Cathy Cobb, owner and soaper, says "In the beginning, it was just me. But the desire to grow the company meant i needed to take on more business, which meant that i needed to produce more product, expand my social media presence, and start honing a more professional brand." Thanks to the growth of her little company, within the last year the business has truly become a family affair.

"When I decided to pick up soapmaking as a hobby in 2010, I could have no idea how cathartic and freeing it would be for me. Between working a full time and raising five (yes 5!) kids, I owed it to myself. Soapmaking became my me time and I love it," said Cathy. It doesn't stop there though. Totally Addicted is much more than just amazing soaps.

Cathy says, "Just making soap didn’t scratch the instant gratification itch that I had. Since handmade soap takes four weeks to cure before use, I started experimenting with other bath and body products. That experimenting has yielded numerous successes and it’s own amount of failures. We now have a vast array of bathing products including: bath bombs, fizzy tub melts, bubble bars, body oil/lotions, facial care, and bath teas."

Numerous successes and failures? Sounds like small business in a nutshell, am I right?!

We are so glad that Cathy has stuck with it, no matter what life threw at her, because we love seeing her crowd of returning shoppers at our shows. Totally Addicted is top notch and hooks the customers for life thanks to the amazing, healing properties her products offer. Whether you are needing a nice soak for your achy muscles or just a thoughtful, pretty gift -- Totally Addicted is where it's at!

Cathy is a busy lady pedaling her soaps and goods all over the tri-county area. You can find Totally Addicted at the Downtown Farmers Market in Denison, TX, The Vintage Barn Sale in Sherman, TX, and Market Days at Liberty Crossing in Gainesville, TX.

GREAT NEWS!! September 14th Totally Addicted opened their very first brick and mortar storefront! That is HUGE! It is not easy opening and managing a retail store, especially when your inventory is your very own handmade products. We are so proud Totally Addicted and this accomplishment. You can find the storefront downtown Denison or shop their Etsy account online. Come shop Totally Addicted at our fall show inside The Boho Building!

If you need help deciding which product to try out first, here are some pointers. Cathy's favorites are the olive oil soap, the lotion bar, the Slayer Bar, and argan oil. "I use those items daily," said Cathy.

Best sellers? "For soaps, it is the Clean & Detox bar. Charcoal is such a hot item right now and this bar is made using charcoal and french green clay. Bath bombs are also a really hot item, and mine have a good dose of organic coconut oil in them, so not only are they colorful, they also leave your skin feeling great."

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