• Ashlyn Shadden

The Sweet Hive--the vendor sure to cheer you up & inspire.

Ok, so we have to throw props to the boyfriend for introducing us to our newest vendor to the fall show line-up. Jake told us about The Sweet Hive a few months ago and we are so very glad he did. The Sweet Hive is a breath of fresh air in this topsy-turvy world we live in providing empowering messages and good vibes through her clothing pieces. We love her story and we think you will too.

The Sweet Hive just celebrated it's first birthday in July. Owner Vickie Mireles said, “God originally gave me the prompting about two years before I finally took the first step. I always say fear delayed me, but it didn't stop me.” She began just selling to friends and family and then managed to gain the courage to apply for her first market and has not looked back since.

“People say it takes a village to raise a child, well I also say it takes a village to grow a business,” say Vickie. As of right now, it is just Vickie, but she has many hands that help her. Her husband (the newfound carpenter) helps with setup and made her racks, check out station and so much more. Her sister in law, Rita, who also has her own business, has been her right hand since the beginning. Her 10-year-old daughter even helps! She has occasionally serves as photographer and mini assistant.

“The Sweet Hive's mission is to pollinate the world with hope through positive, inspiring and faith based messages.”

Since becoming a business owner, Vickie has taken her journey and carried it though her apparel. “The Dreamer collection” was born through the leap into her own dream and “The Warrior collection” has been a documentary of triumph over her recent struggles. Vickie says, “Life is hard. Like really hard. We should never underestimate the power of a positive message. People need it.”

Vickie says one of her favorite parts of “the job” is going to markets because that's where she gets to connect with customers in person. “I love when they share their stories with me. I feel so "in my calling" when people are able to connect with something I've made. It makes my heart burst,” says Vickie. Vickie also loves blogging. She shares her entire journey on her blog which you can find on her website.

“Just last week, I was overwhelmed with the compliments I received. Everyone would stop by and express how much they loved what my business embodied. I was blown away. I felt like Sally Fields when she received her Oscar. I think in that moment I just felt confirmation that I'm serving my purpose in this world. Some days are hard, so hearing that people really love and connect with The Sweet Hive is what makes it all worth it.”

You can find The Sweet Hive at the new Flea Style store in Deep Ellum or at various markets including The Boho Market, Flea Style Fall Show and now Boho Saint Jo! Need your fix right this second? You can also shop The Sweet Hive online at thesweethive.com.

If you need a little help deciding what your first purchase from The Sweet Hive should be, Vickie’s favorite products are the new dreamer earrings (she says “I wear the honey gold pair pretty much everyday”) and the new warrior flannels. The Sweet Hive’s current best sellers are the Dreamer Denim and Warrior Flannels.

You can find The Sweet Hive in The Backyard at our fall show 10.27.18.

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