• Ashlyn Shadden

The Rosemary Bus -- the cutest VW van you've ever seen. You MUST stop for a pic.

Boho Saint Jo is always trying to make some elements of our shows new and exciting. We never want you guys to say "I went last time", or "I will catch the next show". We also work hard to find things that you can enjoy (free of charge) that you will remember after you leave Saint Jo. Well, The Rosemary Bus is exactly what we were looking for and an answer to our Boho Saint Jo prayers! You guys are absolutely going to love what Avery Hilliard has worked so hard to bring you.

If you cannot tell from the pictures, let us clarify for you. Rosemary is the name of the orange VW van and she, along with Avery and her camera, will be setup on Howell Street all day for your picture taking needs.

The Rosemary Bus has been in business since December of 2017. Avery bought Rosemary in November, and didn’t start long after that. "I have had this business in mind for years, and finally in November my dreams came true! I had Rosemary’s name picked out long before Rosemary was a reality. It is so crazy how God orchestrates things so perfectly."

Like most successful small businesses, it helps to have a support system. Rosemary runs on the support of Avery's wonderful, loving family. Even though Avery is the mastermind and bus owner, she says her grandpa and parents are often her "bus drivers".

"Our mission is to bring joy to people's lives and make it a party anywhere Rosemary is! I love watching people have a great time with Rosemary. It makes me smile when people fall just as in love with Rosemary as I do!"

Avery says her favorite part of her work day is setting up phone calls with potential clients. "I love getting to talk to clients and hear about their dreams for whatever event they are planning whether that is a wedding or an event! I love being apart of

making their dreams come true."

If you do not believe us when we sing the praises of Rosemary, maybe these customer reviews will help: "The bus owner, Avery Hilliard is such a genuinely kind and awesome person! It was so great working with her and Rosemary! The bus is sooo cute and in excellent condition. PERFECT for adding that unique twist to a get-away car experience and an awesome photo prop!”

If you follow Rosemary on social media @therosemarybus, you can see where she will pop up in the future. We are so very happy that Boho Saint Jo is the first show Rosemary is participating in! We love sharing "firsts" with our vendors. If you are interested in booking Rosemary for your upcoming event go online to www.therosemarybus.com!

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