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The Keeka Collection -- our vendor that travels the world your Boho Saint Jo products!

First of all, let the record show, I have mixed feelings about this vendor.

1.) I am upset that this is the first show that I am learning of her.

2.) I am frustrated that my house is already designed without any of her beautiful products.

3.) Mostly, I am ready to ask my dad to build on two more rooms so that I can load them full with our newest vendor, Keeka Collection.

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Second of all, we are in love with the backstory of Keeka Collection & the entire mission of the company that Katharine Harlow has stayed consistent with since Day 1. Grab a seat, because you have to hear this.

Keeka Collection has been in business for less than two years, but the idea for the business began eight years ago. Katharine wasn’t quite sure where to start with her brand, so she started with a Fair Trade learning about importing and working with artisans. Peru was nowhere on her radar until 2016 when visiting South America.

Katharine was just going to pass quickly through Cusco but she fell in love and hasn't left yet!

"Our mission is to bring the traditional art of Andean weaving to a broader audience through artisan partnership and modern design. We work closely with a family in the Cusco region to source only the best vintage textiles for our customers and for use in our products. We pay them a fair wage that helps supports their family and allows their children to work on their education."

Is this not the best thing you have heard all day?! Since Day 1, when Boho Saint Jo was just a conversation over coffee in our pajamas, Keeka Collection has been the epitome of what we are trying to create here. We could not create or dream up a better representation of our ultimate Boho Saint Jo goals: Girl Boss. Quality Product. Fair Trade. Supportive and gives back. Worldwide.

Katharine, can we be you? If not, can we go with you to Peru?

Tell us everything!

"In Peru, I love the daily routine of working with our partners on samples, trying new product designs, and going on the hunt for the best vintage textiles to use for our pieces. I also love when I can learn the history behind a textile or from where it originated!"

Keeka Collection believes that each home tells a story and should be a reflection of the journeys we take and that each piece, large or small, should enrich and inspire you in your day to day life. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and adds an unexpected pop of color and texture to customer's spaces or wardrobes.

It is easy to see why customers rant and rave about Keeka Collection. Katharine's favorite customer response was from someone who purchased a rug and pillows. The customer said, “I am obsessed! They are absolutely gorgeous and way too beautiful to use where I had originally intended - I plan to use them in my living room so that I can look at them everyday!”

I cannot wait for you guys to shop Keeka Collection at our fall show and I hope that by sharing her with you guys this early, you will have plenty of time to scout out the line and make your shopping list. You will not be disappointed with Katharine and her beautiful finds. I am serious. Take it from somebody who enjoys traveling and bringing back special, unique pieces to display--Keeka Collection saves you travel miles/points and does all the hard work for you. You will thank me for introducing you and so will your beautiful home.

If you simply cannot wait to get your hands on some Keeka Collection, you can find them at Flea Style shows every season, as well as other pop-ups around Dallas and occasionally other cities in Texas. They are also part of Mosaic Makers Collective in Bishop Arts (410 N. Bishop Ave. #103) where you can find Keeka Collection pieces, as well as products from 9 other local women-owned business! (YASS! That's what I'm talking about!)

Need help deciding what to by yourself or somebody on your gift list? Just ask the girl boss, Katharine, herself!

"I’m a pillow person, so I love to hoard all shapes and sizes of our frazada pillows to use on my bed, sofa, even the floor (my dog also loves her frazada dog bed)! Our pillows have always been a customer favorite, as well as the frazada and aguayo clutch bags."

We cannot wait to have Keeka Collection join us at our fall show October 27. Can you imagine how beautiful her booth space will be with all of that color and those textiles?! YUM! And, we hear she is restocking and loading up on lots of new pieces. We can't wait!! See you soon.

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