• Ashlyn Shadden

Sun Lovin' Roots--the vendor with the best motto. "Eat plants, drink wine, be nice."

Our next vendor has been with us since Day 1. We like to refer to her as one of our "ride or dies". We heard of Sun Lovin' Roots through a friend and when we reached out to her to take a risk and join us, she jumped right in. We love everything Stacie and her thriving company represent and we cannot wait for you to meet her. (Try on a sweatshirt. You will be hooked and you will be buried in that sweatshirt--it will never come off your body.)

Stacie started her line, Sun Lovin' Roots in May 2015 in Dallas, Texas. "I like to say Texas born, Cali Livin' -- that sets the tone for the brand." Each product is made in Califorinia, but screenprinted in Dallas. As of right now, SLR is just Stacie, but she has "brand gypsies" aka brand ambassadors that spread the Sun Lovin' vibe.

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Sun Lovin' Roots brand mission is simple: "We want to inspire you to Nourish Your Body. Move Your Body. Love EVERYbody- which includes SELF LOVE! #nourishmovelove  And life is all about balance- another brand mantra Eat Plants, Drink Wine, Be Nice. :)  I really try to live an active but balanced lifestyle.  And Sun Lovin' Roots mission all about self care and having fun."

Stacie broke down the brand name for us:

  • Sun (work on your inner happiness)

  • Lovin' ( love the skin you are in)

  • Roots ( embrace your past but don't let it define you PLUS nourish your body with food that will live you thriving and flourishing) 

Stacie has a busy lifestyle and is somewhat of a nomad traveling the roads between California and Texas, but says that her favorite part of her job is opening emails or social media and seeing customer pics wearing SLR. "I just love that I have created not just a brand, but a lifestyle."  Stacie also strives to spread the plant based lifestyle and show it is easy to incorporate more roots into your diet, as well as the importance of a knowing where your food comes from and where the things you buy and put on your body come from as well.

We asked Stacie what customers say about her line and some of her favorite customer responses. She told us, "That we have their legging mula for the rest of their lives! Haha that's pretty awesome since I know leggings are like swimsuits. It's hard to get people to step away from their current ones to try ours. But when they do... they are customers for life. They are that comfy and hug your curves in all the right places!" (We approve this statement. These leggings are like butter on your body. Ahhhmazing.)

You can find SLR in local barre/yoga studios in the DFW area.  Stacie participates in tons of trunk shows all over the country (currently in California). Proud bragging moment as a market organizer: Sun Lovin' Roots only does Boho Saint Jo and V Market ( an all vegan market that takes place all over DFW) when it comes to shows/markets! Wow. What an honor!!

You will not find one single product in the entire line of SLR goodies that you will not swoon over, especially after you put it on your body, BUT if you need a little guidance . . . here's the SLR bestsellers:

"Anything with dogs, especially the Fur Baby Mama Frankie Leggings. The Avocado Leggings are a shop fave for sure. And the boyfriend raglan sweatshirts are best sellers."

You can find Sun Lovin' Roots setup inside The Boho Building at our fall show, Saturday, Oct. 27.

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