• Ashlyn Shadden

Shines--our most fragile, funkiest of vendors.

Shines by Sharon Brown has been with us since our very first show. We are truly honored to have such a funky spirit join us at our fall show to share her fused glass with us. Once you get one piece of Shines collection, you will soon be a collector.

Sharon has always been crafty and enjoys making things with her hands makes whether it is working in her garden or in her studio with her fused glass pieces. Sharon jokes that her art is her shrink. She has always been creative, but majoring in both art education and elementary education at Texas Tech, she learned to hone her craft into what we know today as Shines by Sharon. Sharon even went on to teach elementary art in Dallas.

When her children were young, Sharon didn’t work. When she was not being a mommy, she made an effort to take one art class a year. She took one glass class and says she was bit! "I could deal with shapes and colors and designs, and I could do as much or as little as the day allowed."

Sharon became an apprentice at Molloy Mirror and Art Glass, the oldest glass company in Dallas, and learned more about the art of leaded stained glass. (Which she worked with for years, before she moved on to fused glass.) "I find that whimsical designs make me most happy. They are fun to create and sell to people that are searching for some whimsy in their lives," Sharon says.

The name “Shines” is short and snappy and goes well with her name, “Sharon”. The best part about Sharon's art--it allows her to donate items for auctions, to gift a handmade item to a friend, to have alone time, and to feel good.

"I can’t imagine life without it."

You will be able to find Shines by Sharon inside the Boho Building at our fall show Saturday, Oct. 27.

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