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Savannah Hoffman Designs--where edgy meets funk!

Have you been waiting for the clothing and accessories vendors? No more waiting!

Our newest vendor is not just a boutique, but a one-of-a-kind boutique that is curated by the funkiest owners out there. Boho Saint Jo strives to be different from other shows, which usually means few boutiques (if any), but there is no way we are keeping this gem from you guys.

Please welcome Savannah Hoffman Designs!

Felicia and Liz are sisters (loving all the family businesses joining us this year) and they will tell you they have been in business forever. What started as designing jewelry in high school during Felicia's "goth phase" has now turned into an online store and their own version of a traveling circus with the coolest finds!

"In the last few years, my sister and I saw a need for cool clothes at the shows that I was vending jewelry at and that’s when our mobile pop up shop was born. We started with crinolines and funky tees and it evolved into a marketplace of boho chic. We say it’s like a stroll through Stevie Nicks’ closet."

Savannah Hoffman Designs sells a collection of eclectic and funky clothing pieces, but Felicia will tell you her favorite side of the brand is creating jewelry pieces. "I just sit and create new artistic one of a kind pieces just for fun and with no customer in mind. And it goes in creative waves--I’ll spend a day or two just making goth, retro, steampunk, etc and go on a bender!"

These crazy sisters' soul focus is to make the customer happy and they are lucky enough to get to see their shoppers interact with their products at pop-up shows and markets. "It makes our day to make someone else’s day," Felicia says. "It sounds superficial, but making someone look good is a very important part of them feeling good. I’ve seen people light up and to see that is a privilege."

Another perk of the job is coming across shoppers that collect Savannah Hoffman Designs or call themselves "a fan". There cannot be a greater feeling than that and we are so happy these girls get to see the fruits of their labors. Come see for yourself at our fall show! You will find Savannah Hoffman Designs out front on Howell Street.

Now, if you cannot wait -- you can find them at The Boho Market in Dallas, Flea Style, and other shows around Dallas like the very funky Doublewide Flea in Deep Ellum. Cannot even wait that long?! Shop right this second online at www.savannahhoffmandesigns.com.

If you need to be pointed in the right direction, Felicia's favorite items are the kimonos. "They really bring drama to any outfit. I like to think of them as entrance makers."

Want something really special and handmade?! Look to the jewelry! "I really love the jewelry I make that are made from repurposed and vintage pieces. I love that they have a history. I use old tintypes, motel keys, vintage images, etc and breathe new life into them."

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