• Ashlyn Shadden

Lynn Mineral--our most artistic vendor yet. (A hard title to earn.)

We have only known of our newest vendor for a month now, but the more we learn, the more we are in awe. Maker and creator, Hailey Glass is an artist in the purest form. We are impressed with her love for her craft and her sheer joy and appreciation with the beauty you can find in what Mother Nature herself has given us a materials.

Hailey is the perfect example of Boho Saint Jo's mission of featuring women makers and creators and we are honored to have Lynn Mineral join us at our fall show.

Lynn Mineral jewelry started in September of 2017 but the story starts way before that. In 2009 Hailey took a sculpture class where she learned how to cast pewter. Hailey says that everyone else in class was making tiny sculptures for their assignment but all she could see when I looked at the hunk of metal ready to melt was JEWELRY! "I made a simple ring & was hooked on the idea from that point on. I finally just WENT for it last year and bought all my supplies. I went full on mad scientist in my apartment, experimenting with different methods until I came up with the technique I use now," Hailey said.

It is just Hailey "and the midnight oil" in her tribe. Hailey works as a visual artist from 9-5 and to top it all off, she is renovating a camper. So yeah, you could say her plate is a little full. One of our favorite parts of Boho Saint Jo is the passion our vendors have for their craft. These women work full-time jobs, go to school full-time or raise a family 24/7 but still make time to design and create. The fact that Hailey still finds time to make jewelry (her "sparkly passion" as she says) is admirable. We love and appreciate your dedication Hailey. Thanks to burning the midnight oil, we get to experience your beautiful craft at our fall show.

We should note that Hailey is not just stringing mass produced beads to make her pieces. Her process is detailed and tedious. Every piece is cast in small batches, designed, finished and assembled by Hailey in her small studio. She carves a mold, inserts a stone and then pours molten metal over it. Once the pewter cools, it locks the stone in place in a one-of-a-kind setting.


"My mission is for people to take home pieces that are 100% unique and made with passion and craftsmanship. Everyone is different and I love seeing people light up when they find a piece if jewelry that resonates with them. I keep my designs fresh & I love finding new stones to incorporate into my work."

Lynn Mineral is unlike anything you have ever seen before--almost as if you are truly wearing a piece of art. Hailey casts pewter and raw gemstone jewelry, something you do not see a lot of. All of her pieces are unique and showcase textures and stones that make them appear as if they have been pulled straight from the earth.

You can shop her one-of-a-kind jewelry online at the store website, etsy and instagram. Or wait to marvel these beauties in person at our fall show. You can find Lynn Mineral outside on Howell Street at our fall show October, 27.

If you need a little help deciding which precious gem to purchase first, Hailey's favorites are the small gemstone necklaces & the Luna tassel collars. "They are complete opposites but equally popular!"

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