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Lone Star Latte - THE Best Coffee Truck in All The Land

I am willing to buy your cup of coffee if you disagree with me & I can barely find two pennies to rub together these days, so that is saying A LOT. Seriously, y'all this coffee is hands down better than any competitor.

I discovered the Lone Star Latte coffee truck when I was working at Market Days at Liberty Crossing earlier this year. I was sick with pneumonia for the first show, but ALL I could hear was how awesome the coffee & tea was. Seriously, Lone Star Latte was all the buzz that opening weekend at Market Days. I finally got to try it out for myself the following month & everything was worth the hype. For real. You know what I was most impressed with (other than the beautiful trailer) though? How sweet & kind the girls sweating their butts off inside were.

These girls are far more than just the magic they were conjuring up inside -- I knew I had to have these girls at Boho Saint Jo.

Lone Star Latte is new...to Texas. The coffee tribe (Samantha, Marty & Savannah) worked in various coffee stands in Washington state & decided they needed to bring their delicious coffee & tea to the south. Boy, oh boy, are we glad you did!! What makes these ladies so different from the other guys is they truly strive to make the best coffee imaginable. That means lots of steps & work that we never even see. Lone Star Latte uses organic coffee beans & a premium quality roasting process.

You know how I said these ladies won me over with how sweet they are? Well, I meant it. Samantha says, "We love early mornings to see anxious faces awaiting their first sip of our delicious coffee. The reward of their delight & cheer, just from a cup of coffee makes our day so exciting." Do you know how early these girls are getting up for work?! They are making COFFEE, so, it's early! AND THEY ARE STILL THE NICEST!!

You can find Lone Star Latte each month at Market Days at Liberty Crossing & local car shows, barrel races & fairs before our fall show, but good news! Lone Star Latte is working on a permanent location -- in Gainesville! Soon, you can get your fix when you are running errands in town or driving up to see us in Saint Jo.

If coffee shop menus make you a sweaty, nervous mess -- let me help put you at ease.

Try these babies:

Heart of Texas. Delicious blendeded beverage of cold brew, ice Cream, & chocolate.

“ Sams Bonanza”. White coffee (the coffee bean before its fully roasted). Peppermint & white chocolate.

We cannot wait to have Lone Star Latte join us at our fall show. (After typing this, it is going to be a struggle to wait for my fix until October 27th.) I know you guys will love them. You can find Lone Star Latte set up on Howell Street in front of the library at Boho Saint Jo. Show up early, cuz these girls are taking good care of all of us early birds & vendors.

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