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Limner Box--our daintiest, most unique vendor ever.

Our newest vendor has been with us since our second show. We were fortunate to learn of Fowzia from a friend and the more we learned, the more we were intrigued. You guys are going to love Limner Box. You may not think you are in the market for one of her creations, but you will walk away with a handful (and love cherish every single piece)!

Karimi's mother.

Limner Box has been around for almost two years, but the seed for it was planted several years before. Limner Box maker and creator, Fowzia Karimi, made her first pendants using a beautiful old black and white photograph of her mother at age 17.

"My mother, in her 60s, had just been diagnosed with cancer and I made pendants, hand-painting the B&W photo, for each of my sisters and my nieces. We wore them to celebrate our mother’s strength and beauty and as a way to come together around her. We all continue to wear the pendants and over the years they’ve received many compliments."

Stories like this are why we work so hard to find not just quality vendors, but vendors with a story to tell through their creations. We love Limner Box for the detail, the dainty . . . the feeling like every single heirloom-like piece has a story to tell, but knowing her beautiful backstory and purpose of creation makes us appreciate her and her talent all the more.

When Fowzia moved to Texas, she decided to begin making her special pendants again. First as a hobby and then as a business, using found images she is "at any moment taken by", or her own original paintings.

Fowzia describes her pieces as "wearable art" and I think that description is very fitting. Each pendant is unique and one-of-a-kind, different in even the slightest of ways from the one before.

Fowzia has participated in Boho Saint Jo as well as small shows and pop-ups around the Denton area. Limner Box will be set up inside The Boho Building at our fall show 10.27.18, but you can shop her collection right now (and anytime) online at her etsy account.

Do not miss out on Limner Box. Stop to look, but just know . . . each piece always seems to find its one-of-a-kind wearer.

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