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Lavender Ridge -- nature meets Boho Saint Jo.

My mom & I have been obsessed with lavender for a while. My mom used to use dried lavender bundles in my room when I was growing up and I love using lavender essential oils to help sleep or calm my a$$ down. We have trekked all over Texas to many lavender festivals in the summers just to get bundles of that sweet, sweet smell. To find out we have such a beautiful field in our very own backyard is not only news to me, but YOUR lucky day. You now get to shop Lavender Ridge Farms at our fall show

Did you know that Lavender Ridge Farms opened for "cut your own lavender in 2006"?

You can pick your own lavender at the farm AND purchase handmade products in small batches at their farm in Gainesville, TX. They have a beautiful gift shop and a café that is open each weekend Friday-Sunday 9-5 (and the café 11-3) that is a MUST SEE. Besides the 2 acre lavender field, Lavender Ridge Farms has a beautiful butterfly garden and many animals that guests love to visit.

Have you heard of their Lavender Festival? I bet you have, because they have sold out in seconds before at their bi-annual festivals.

This precious farm is staffed with just four full-time employees and part time employees that help on weekends and festivals that take care of their guests from all over the metroplex.

"Lavender Ridge Farms strives to give each guest an experience they will remember cutting lavender fresh from the field and experiencing the taste of lavender through our food made onsite in the café and purchasing our products to take home and enjoy."

Patrons that visit Lavender Ridge claim that the farms is a beautiful, serene, fun experience that they will remember for years to come. Many return several times each year and return to bring girlfriends and family every year.

You can check out the farm each weekend from the beginning of April through December and our online store is always open. If you need help shopping, their best selling products are their handmade lavender soaps-- especially the lavender vanilla. That lady has been a best seller for years!

You will find Lavender Ridge Farms in The Backyard at Boho Saint Jo, but they participate in many other events throughout the year. Germanfest and Oktoberfest in Muenster, Grapefest in Grapevine, Ft Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo are just some of the larger events they go to.

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