• Ashlyn Shadden

Huney It's Vintage--bringing new life to forgotten favorites.

We are more than excited to have a double booth of restored and repurposed furniture at our fall show this year. Boho Saint Jo has yet to have a furniture vendor and we are honored that Huney It's Vintage is our very first. We loved hearing creators Angie & Leah's story that we could not dream of editing it down. You have to hear it for yourself.

We are definitely better with a paint brush then a pen! Our’s is not a long story . . yet!

As a struggling single mom and a broke college student, we were worlds apart and two different states. Both longing to have a home filled with pretty furniture and our own personal styles, but we couldn’t afford showroom designer pieces. What is could a girl do?

Fake it until you make it!

Roadside castaways, flea market finds, hand outs, and even a dumpster table found their way into our creative hands. We started flipping furniture out of necessity and fell in love for the art of it.

Angie Hazelwood living in Whitesboro and Leah Mize newly relocated from New Mexico became friends almost immediately. We are well past single mom and college student, but we still share the same passion for making beautiful pieces of furniture. We never tire of scouring the resale shops and garage sales for that timeless classic no longer appreciated. Restoring or repurposing each piece so that it will be loved again and the envy of all house guests!

We learn every day. (New products become available, styles change, a custom request for a technique we have not tried.) Together our ideas become masterpieces!

Our mission is to bring new life to forgotten favorites.

We want grandma’s hutch out of storage and that farm house table the gathering place for family. We want this year’s Christmas party to be hosted by you because your home is fabulous! We want you to wake up with a smile when the first thing you see is that gorgeous antique headboard.

You can find Huney It's Vintage outside on Howell Street at our fall show Saturday, Oct. 27. Bring your trailer, because you are going to want to load up at this double booth!

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