• Ashlyn Shadden

Hippie Alice--the funkiest finds & the baddest chick you've ever met.

Ok, so we know that airstreams are all the rage. What's even cooler? When you open that airstream up and find the funkiest clothes and accessories you've ever seen. We aren't done yet -- the icing on the cake is the bad ass chick that curates all these fabulous styles. Yeah, we are pretty in love with our newest vendor and for good reason.

We are so dang thankful Hippie Alice is coming back for more Boho Saint Jo madness and you guys (if you haven't shopped "the stream" yet,) are going to flip!

First, a little back story.

Bridget Hedeman (this is a very new last name y'all, we've got a newlywed amongst us!!) is the magician and wizard behind all things Hippie Alice. She started just 2.5 years ago at her very first event at "a little bbq joint" in Granbury. We are always amazed when the "Alice Palace" (that's what Bridget calls the airstream) wheels into Boho Saint Jo and we see this petite little thing hop out of the truck after she backs that big baby down the tight alley with ease. Bridget is a one-woman show, but she is very quick to give credit where credit is due. She says her "Instagram husband" Lane helps her out with pictures and her best friend Kylie is always there to help with live sales, big events and pics as well.

"Hippie Alice is all about a fun shopping experience for super cute shit! Many a beer, laugh, and cute outfit can be found in my airstream at all times."

Bridget still works a "real" job, but anytime she gets to spend in the "Alice Palace" is a blessing. She says it is truly her creative outlet. We are ever so thankful that she has her creative outlet because when she gets to spend time in ole Alice, that means we get more and more cute, stylish, one-of-a-kind finds.

Hippie Alice has been at the last three Boho Saint Jo shows and the number one question we get during market prep is "Is Hippie Alice coming back?" We absolutely see why too. "People love the airstream, women, men and children alike- I really love to get to see them enjoy each detail, from the floors to the wall paper- and I won't lie, when someone notices the little details it makes my heart happy as well," says Bridget.

You can find Bridget and the Alice Palace at a variety of small local events. You just missed her at Christmas in Cowtown in Fort Worth, but you can usually find her set up at The Boho Market. If you absolutely cannot wait, get online right now and start shopping at HippieAlice.com! You can find upcoming scheduled events, on the #shopthestream tab on the website.

Need a point in the right direction from the boss lady? "My favorites change all the time! But mostly, I would say graphic tees are the most popular items."

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