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Come & Bake It Desserts--save all your Weight Watchers points for these hand pies!

There is absolutely no way we can tell the story of Come & Bake It Desserts better than the maker herself. So, we are just going to sit back and let Katherine Reed tell you her story herself. Enjoy.

So my love for pie began when I was sixteen years old...it was my chore to mow the lawn, and if you’ve lived in Texas, you know how much that chore sucked during the sweltering summer months. One day, my neighbor mowed our lawn for us so as a thank you, I made him a pie. After he ate it, he told me that if I bake them a pie a week, he will happily mow our lawn! So that’s what I did!

Fast forward a decade and here I am, a stay at home mom who didn’t want to put my one year old in daycare but still wanted to bring in some income. I went to the Sherman Farmer’s market one day and asked them if they had space for a baked goods vendor... I’ve always been passionate about baking and when I’m not baking at home, I’m watching baking shows or reading baking blogs! They responded with a “thanks but no thanks” since they already had several baked goods vendors. I wrote them back asking if they have anyone that sells hand pies which they responded with a “no we don’t!” I asked if I could bring my product to them the following Saturday and they agreed.

They took a bite out of my Apple Maple Bacon hand pie and told me that they’d love for me to start selling the next market day! That was June of this year. Now we sell our pies in three different farmers markets!

I’m the only one that makes the pies, but I have a fabulous team of strong women that help me sell throughout the week. Veronica Goett sells at the Denison Farmer’s market on Saturday mornings while I sell at the Sherman Farmer’s Market, and Jamie Trout runs the Sherman Farmer’s market booth for me on the Saturday’s I have special events to attend.

Of course I can’t leave out my daughter who is my “quality control taste tester” and my husband who helps me package and doesn’t complain when he comes home to flour on every inch of our tiny house.

I started Come and Bake It with the intention of growing our local community by using fresh, local produce from other farmers. It’s our mission to keep our ingredients local so we can continue to help the growing foodie community in the Texoma area. Every week, we list the Farmer’s that helped make our pies possible...without their hard work, we wouldn’t have the quality of pies that we do!

My favorite part of my work day is shopping at the Farmer’s markets for my fresh produce and utilizing what local ingredients we have to make a cohesive menu for the week. It pushes me to create inventive flavors so I’m never bored! I love smelling the fresh herbs and picturing what would go well with he produce on hand. Our pear and thyme, and blackberry sage pies were created while smelling the beautiful herbs at Grace Acres Farms in Sherman!

Our customers are all amazing and we’ve received such great feedback. Because we bake our pies instead of frying them, our pie crust stays nice and flaky. Just yesterday, I had a family climb out of their car and tell me they’ve been waiting since Saturday to buy more pies because they are officially addicted and can’t believe how flaky our crust is! I’ve had another lady give me her pastry school recipe book because she was so impressed with my crust and insisted that “I’ve got what it takes.” That was a big moment for me personally since I’m a self-taught (but totally obsessed!) baker. There’s also a young girl with celiac disease that buys my gluten free/vegan pies every week. I’m so happy I can make her a sweet treat that she can eat and enjoy...in fact, my pies were the first pies she ever tasted! Ok, so I can’t pick a favorite customer interaction. Our customers are so loyal and supportive!

You can find our pies ever Tuesday at the Railcar Farmer’s Market in Van Alstyne, every Wednesday at the Denison Farmer’s Market, every Saturday morning at the Sherman Farmer’s Market and Denison Farmer’s Market, and Saturday afternoons at 903 Brewers in Sherman. We are also participating in the Sherman Arts Festival on September 15th, Fall Der All Festival in Van Alstyne on October 13th, and of course, at Boho St. Jo! That’s a lot of pies!

My favorite pie is also our most popular pie which is the Apple Maple Bacon. That’s the pie that started it all! We soak our apples in 903’s milk and honey stout, then we fry them in bacon grease from a local rancher. I add in pure maple syrup and warming spices and it’s just the perfect amount of sweet/salty/smoky.

The fastest we sold out was actually our first day of selling at the Sherman Farmer’s Market. I brought 60 pies and was so nervous that I was going to make a fool out of myself for bringing so many pies only to have people buy a few. We sold out within 30 minutes of opening!!

My favorite menu item has to be our savory Breakfast Pie. We take local onions and cook them down to an onion jam with red wine and brown sugar. I then fry local potatoes and peppers in chorizo grease from local sources chorizo, add the onion jam, and you have a hearty pie that’s a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy!

From start to finish, a ton of work goes into our pies since it is all from scratch with fresh produce. I spend an entire day prepping, peeling, and chopping the produce. I then spend another day working on all the fillings for the week. I then make our dough which needs to be chilled for several hours before it can be worked with. I roll out the dough very thin, cut out discs, add the fillings and shape the pies. Rolling out the dough and assembling the pies takes an entire day! On the day of the market, I wake up super early and bake the pies before my daughter is up. After the pies are all baked, I sit down and start packaging, which usually takes anywhere from 3-6 hours, depending on the amount of pies! It’s a labor of love!

Wow! We applaud you Katherine & cannot wait to eat your pies like it's the last day on earth. You can find Come & Make It Desserts outside in the backyard at our fall show Saturday, Oct. 27. Come early though--she sells out quick!

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