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Cheaney Heritage Leather - our Boho Saint Jo phoenix.

This vendor has a very special place in my heart, because she has been with Boho Saint Jo since Day 1. In fact, our show was one of her very first shows. THAT is why we are one of Cheaney Heritage Leather's biggest cheerleaders.

Carey, leather craftsman extraordinaire, participated in our show (two years ago) for the first time with just leather-tooled earrings. The next show she added necklaces. Last show she added bags. Carey has doubled her line three times over and we couldn't be prouder of her work. This girl truly is a master at anything that comes across her workshop table, which is why she is hands down the most asked for vendor by returning Boho Saint Jo shoppers.

Carey's mission at Cheaney Heritage is "to provide quality leather goods handmade with heart while always striving to produce a unique design that will last." One of the many reasons we will beg her to come back to Boho Saint Jo every single show AND go to the ends of the earth to sport her latest styles ourselves.

It's all about the details with Carey. After dropping her kids off at school, she gets to take a break from "mom duties" and begin her work day at Cheaney Heritage Leather. She is constantly designing and coming up with new ways to complete a bag (or whatever she is working on) with the final touches. This girl is meticulous y'all, I mean it and it shows in every single one of her pieces. From the plumage in her leather feather pieces down to the clasps, hooks and snaps she chooses on her clutches, every piece is wearable art.

Cheaney Heritage consists of just Carey and the designs she creates through various inspiration. Although Carey is a one-woman show, she has learned her craft through watching her dad, * Bruce Cheaney, a fifth generation saddle maker. The two have a very close relationship and you will always see Mr. Cheaney supporting Carey at her shows. Carey says he is always very supportive and helpful with any and all leather questions. **

If you are looking to shop Cheaney Heritage Leather before Boho Saint Jo, you can find her at various local pop-ups and trunk shows -- just make sure you are following her on social media for her schedule. You can shop Cheaney Heritage Leather at Cahoots Handbags off the square in Gainesville, Beachy Boutique in Lake Kiowa AND the soon-to-be Boutique One Eleven in Gainesville. If you are a busy gal and need a little convenience in your life, you can ALWAYS find Carey's handmade leather goods at CheaneyHeritage.com. (Or, send the webpage to your hubby so he will NEVER be in the dog house.)

Need a little help choosing your favorite pieces?

Cheaney Heritage best sellers as of lately have been the Jayme Hobo bag -- customers have shown a love for it with and without fringe. It’s a great everyday carry for all your essentials.

Another crowd pleaser has been the bell earrings -- Carey's twist on leather earrings "with a bit of a flare."

We have such a special place in our heart for Carey. We have watched her rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Once a shy maker "pedaling her passion" (FleaStyle reference) into a confident, supportive girl boss. Every single time I wear one of her pieces, I am stopped. (Even by a buyer for Anthropologie in Dallas.) I could not be more proud of this gal and all the she has become.

Truly, the sweetest soul you will ever meet with a wicked eye for style and detail. It is an honor to know Carey and to have her at Boho Saint Jo.

* You can find Carey's dad, Bruce, and his saddle shop at Cheaney's Custom Saddles in Gainesville, Texas.

** Carey is a family gal and she will tell you that her family has been there for her every single step of the way and that they push her to work harder.

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