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Bloom NTX--locally grown cut flowers.

We have been in love with our newest vendor since we came across her gorgeous build-your-own-bouquet setup at The DIME Store. You can only find flowers like this at elegant weddings or Central Market. The cool thing about Bloom NTX though--these gorgeous flowers are grown right here in Gainesville, TX and cut by our talented flower lady, Heather Gregory.

Bloom NTX officially launched their business last fall as well as planting flowers in the ground over the winter. Owner and creator, (or as we like to call her, "flower lady") Heather Gregory, started selling at pop-up shops in the Denton area in the spring of 2018. Bloom NTX consists of Heather, her husband Patrick and her sister Alyson. **Another great representation of a small family business within our Boho Saint Jo vendors.

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"At Bloom NTX we are committed to sourcing American grown and locally grown flowers. We always prioritize sourcing locally grown cut flowers from flower farmers whenever they are available and when they aren't, we make sure to source from American grown flowers. Around 80% of the flowers that are purchased in the US today are imported and we believe in supporting a growing movement of supporting American flower farmers. We have developed relationships with a handful of flower farmers in the North Texas area and hope to be able to continue to work with them and provide a consistent outlet for their flowers to make their way into customers hands."

Heather loves working with flowers. She says, "They are all so different and beautiful and have their own personalities, textures and quirks. It's so enjoyable to be able to be creative and use them to design bouquets, arrangements, and wreaths."

Bloom NTX is so much more than flowers and arrangements. Heather creates and brings flowers to the people in hopes of being a light in somebody's life--if even for just a second. Heather says flowers spread joy and beauty and she loves being a part of making somebody's day brighter.

Bloom NTX has quite the following. Some of their "serious flower lovers" even make it to almost every pop-up shop in order to stock up on the gorgeous blooms. Shoppers love to treat themselves or friends and family in hopes of spreading that joy in their home or with others. If you need a push in the right direction, Bloom NTX's best seller is the ranunculus. "We did our first 4 pop-up shops with ranunculus as the star of the show and never took one home with us after the sale." **Heads up: Bloom NTX sells out fast! The quickest they sold out at a pop-up show was 2 hours!

We asked the expert flower lady what her favorite flower and she said, "Oh I think my current favorite flower is probably ranunculus. They are so beautiful, full of petals, and they come in such a range of colors. Plus they are one of the first bloomers of the year so it's a welcomed sight in February to see their lovely color in the field or in a vase."

You can find Bloom NTX on the front porch at our fall show Saturday, Oct. 27 until she sells out. Bloom NTX does not have any other dates lined up for this fall, but you can purchase these beautiful flowers and wreaths 7 days a week at the new Salted Sanctuary Soap (a previous Boho Saint Jo vendor!) location at 525 N Elm St in Denton, TX. They are also available for weddings and events. Heather says they plan to continue to host pop-up shops and participate in events like Boho St Jo and hope to even expand into some floral design classes in the future.

Stay tuned, because we would love to help Heather host a class in The Boho Building in the near future! We love Bloom NTX that much & cannot wait for you to share this love with us.

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