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Ashli Reed & Write--our spunkiest vendor that will custom make anything you want!

Our newest vendor is, no better way to describe her than, one-of-a-kind. She is spunky, feisty and hella talented when it comes to custom artwork. We are so thankful to have this ball of energy join us as a vendor and even more excited to see what she can do for Y-O-U! Please welcome Ashli Reed & Write as our newest member of the Boho fam.

We love the story Ashli tells of the history and odds and ends of her blossoming small business. She tells it so well and is so passionate, we are just going to sit back and let her tell you all about Ashli Reed & Write. . .

Hey friends I wanted to tell you a little bit about my super fun little biz, Ashli Reed & Write, where I get to write and draw and create all kinds of awesome one-of-a-kind goodies for super amazing people like you!!!

So first I will tell you a little bit about myself. I’m Ashli Reed and I am married to my absolute best friend, James. He makes my cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling and is super foxy! I am the momma to two hilarious spunky and super awesome (well most of the time) teenagers. Our son Kane is 13 and our football player, and our daughter Hunter is 16 and our varsity cheerleader. They pretty much keep me on my toes at all times!! In addition to that I am the dog momma of our two girldogs, Dirty Dog and Ellie Dog. But wait there’s more... every day I get to go to a job that I absolutely adore. I am the teacher to 450 amazing budding artists at S&S Elementary School where I teach Fine Arts. I LOVE teaching! This is year 19 for me!

I started Ashli Reed & Write about two years ago after doing handwritten chalkboards and signage for our wedding. People started seeing my work and wanting their own “splash of Ash” in their house. It’s something I’ve always done but really never at this level. I love hearing people say that they still have signs in their classroom or at their house I made ten or more years ago! It’s wild! I have completely been blown away with the most fabulous clients ever!

Real talk writing is my therapy. I love to write and create things for people and make them happy! I love hearing them say that what I’ve created is one of their favorite things in their house or in their classroom. I love creating things for weddings, unique things that you don’t see everywhere. My handwriting has a funky flair to it. It’s my own style and everything is 110% all me.

I love working with brides and seeing their glow when they’re talking about creating things for their best day ever because our wedding really was our best day ever!! I share in their joy as I work late nights after school to create special pieces for them! I love creating signs with people’s last names on them, I love writing your favorite quotes on signs, I love writing special song lyrics on scrolls, I love making place-cards for thanksgiving dinner tables, I love making school spirit signs and locker decorations, I love working with the big man at the North Pole on custom Santa letters, I love making Personalized Christmas ornaments, I love creating birthday boards for one year old little babes, I love making funky and fun one of a kind photo-booth props ...basically... I just love to write.. writing is my favorite!!!

When asked about my best selling products... I think it just depends on what time of year it is. I definitely sell a lot of goodies to teachers to brighten up their classroom entrances with pencils that are personalized with their names and hand painted to match their classroom decor. I love creating pumpkins and fall decor!!! Fall is my favorite time of year so my funky pumpkins are a total hit this time of year! Something fun I also created was a handpainted dishwasher magnet that says dirty and clean. Those have been an amazing success as well because let’s be honest those dishes are just going to sit in there...unless that magnet is on your dishwasher. I also do a LOT of personalized ornaments for trees but not just for Christmas...year-round trees.

I have a very funky and eclectic style and I use lots of different designs and polka dots in my painting... you can totally see my personality come out of everything that I create ❤️ I’m a lucky girl to get to Do What I Love and Love What I do, that’s for sure!

So if you have read all this basically you deserve a medal...just come by and check out all my wild and crazy goodies at Boho Saint Jo! Can’t wait to meet y’all!

You can find Ashli Reed & Write outside in The Backyard at our fall show, Saturday, Oct. 27th.

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