• Ashlyn Shadden

Anna Tovar -- a vendor that makes us nervous, she's so good.

We must admit, we did not know of this vendor until we received her application. BUT after a little bit of research and Facebook stalking, we did not know if we should be mortified for not knowing of such a talented artist or honored that she would want to participate in our little ole show. We have decided to take the honored route and we are beyond excited to announce that Anna Tovar will be joining us at our fall show.

Anna Tovar is an artist that makes and creates in forms of linocut prints, archival prints, greeting cards, stickers, pins and notepads. Anna says, "We've learned a lot and changed a lot in that time, but there has always been one common thread through it all: quality, quality, quality. From the paper choices, to the ink choices, to every art-making technique that I use, high-quality materials and techniques are guaranteed."

Anna Tovar has been in business for about 7 years and has evolved a lot in that time. It took Anna a few years to feel really comfortable with her style and proud of the product that she was offering, but she says "each step (and misstep) has lead me to this place where I now feel better than ever about the art that I'm making."

It's just Anna and her husband, Luis, that keep the small business running. Anna is lucky to have her loving husband help her out. She says, "A few years ago he saw that I was getting to a place where it was really hard to do it all and to do it well, so he came on as all things consignment and wholesale. He's been so great and helpful, and now I can't imagine doing this without him." 

"We have recently developed a list of core values that we work to stay true to:

  • We value finding joy in our work and in providing joy to others. 

  • We value handmade items and original art making with an emphasis on being high quality and well designed.

  • We also value offering all of these things at an attainable price. 

  • We value working hard to stay true to our voice and aesthetic.

  • We value supporting small businesses and humans that are working hard to serve others.

  • We value being generous and doing justice for those less fortunate than ourselves." 

Anna's mission continues and she says, "We've always cared a lot about the quality of the products that we offer, so that doesn't take much work to stay true to, but it does take effort to figure out how we are going to work to do good for others. In the past we have made sure to donate funds to those in crisis (victims of Hurricane Harvey, those families that were/are separated at the Texas border), and just recently we decided to give a percentage of all of our sales to a family that is going through the process of adopting their son from Ghana." 

Anna is also a stay-at-home mom, so any chance to work is great! Two of her kids are now in school, and the youngest is in Mother's Day Out two days a week, so she manages to work on a consistent basis. "There are many aspects of my job that don't include making art , so the actual art making process is definitely the best part of my job, whether that be painting, carving blocks, or printing linocut prints," says Anna.

We asked Anna what customers say about her work and she responded, "The best feedback that I get is from people that tell me that they don't have enough wall space for all of the pieces of mine that they have!" 

You can find Anna Tovar on the road at a few shows. Anna often participates in the Renegade Austin shows, but this year she is scaling back a bit. Other than Boho Saint Jo, she will only be participating in The DIME Store's Handmade Harvest. So make sure you come see her at our fall show! You can find her booth outside on Howell Street.

If you are looking for a point in the direction of best sellers, Anna says her favorite items right now are her most recent linocut prints.

"I love that each of them are hand printed and so they're each unique. The state flower drawings that I made about 5 years ago have consistently been best sellers of mine." 

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