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All The Wire--two of the hippest chicas we know (w/ the biggest hearts)!

Our newest vendors have been on our radar for a while. We have followed them from show to show, but our favorite memory of these ladies was our first. I sat in a crowd at Fleastyle Summit and listened to this duo speak about "staying authentic with your brand". I love All The Wire and I find myself going back to my notebook from their summit panel whenever I need motivation or to refuel my fire. I am honored to share with y'all this dynamic duo of sisters.

Do you know where they got their name "All The Wire" from? It's a love story. Desiree's boyfriend at the time (now husband) told her when driving the backroads to look out the window. He said, "See how the telephone wire keeps going and going? That's how much I love you, all the wire...." Oh. My. Gosh. I'm not crying, you're crying!

If you need more background on our newest vendor, then keep reading.

All The Wire is a family business that just celebrated their 5th Birthday in July! That's 5 years of helping people create their story that they can wear close to their heart. "Our mission is for our customers to feel like they’re part of the family and that each piece we hand stamp is made with love."

All The Wire has an eclectic line of jewelry as well as pieces that can be personalized with hand stamping. The girls will tell you their favorite part of their small business is the creating part. These girls are perfectionists and will spend hours on a piece until they feel like it’s ready to be tested and worn.

The coolest thing about All The Wire is that the brand helps to plant the seed and inspires you to tell your story. You can tell your story on any piece of jewelry--bar necklaces, cuffs, disc necklaces and dog tags. All personalized to tell your story or inspire you to do YOU--Lattitude/Longitude of special places, initials of loved ones, motivating or favorite sayings, and so much more.

"This brand isn’t about us. It’s about y’all. We want y’all to have the best experience. That’s why we love doing trunk shows and pop-ups because we get to meet the faces of customers who’ve emailed and shared stories with us. Being called genuine is truly one of the best compliments you can receive. We love that people see us that way."

These crazy sisters trek all over to share All The Wire with you guys. Most recently, they have been at Beatnik in Oakcliff and just recently kicked off our Nordstrom tour. Is that

not the coolest thing ever?! BOHO SAINT JO HAS VENDORS THAT YOU CAN SOON SHOP AT NORDSTROM!!! If you cannot wait to shop All The Wire, you can check them out online. You will find the girls setup inside The Boho Building at our fall show 10.27.18!

If you need a little help decided what your next ATW purchase will be? Desiree & Tori's favorites right now are: El Sol, Soul Sisters, Mamacita tee and The Nina choker.

Best Sellers: cuffs, gold satin bar, el sol, Bella and the Mary and Me.

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