Our show is absolutely about the people -- both behind the scenes & the vendors we showcase. 

Hi guys, I’m Ashlyn.

I wanted to create a place where people could come and shop one-of-a-kind pieces from women makers & creators. I was being selfish honestly. I was living in the middle of nowhere with nothing to shop & I selfishly longed to experience what I had while traveling the world. For just 1 day, I wanted to curate some of my favorite women creators & create an unbelievable experience.

Fast forward 4 shows later & we have more than doubled in size and constantly adding to the show. I couldn’t be happier knowing that our little dream over coffee has turned into such a fun day. I love watching our vendors grow and hone their craft, some moving on to bigger and much better things.  Also getting to learn about each new, prospective vendor and learning their heart and passion.  Our show is absolutely about the people--both behind the scenes and in the limelight.  The people are why we exist & are exactly the reason why we created Boho Saint Jo.

Never in a million years would we have guessed having more than the first show, but we are more than thankful for the support & encouragement we have received.

Ashlyn Shadden
Creator of Boho Saint Jo & Market Organizer